Mr. Batie is CEO of SuccessNet a full service African-American owned Internet Service Provider based in Los Angeles. Mr. Batie has been involved with the Internet since 1977 when as an undergraduate physics student he used the Internet to exchange data with other universities and colleagues.

Over the years Mr. Batie has been involved in various leading edge online ventures. The earliest of these ventures was Personal Computer Engineers. Partnered with Laurence Rozier and Kevin Martin, PCE created the National Black Computer Network (NBCN), the first Black owned international computer network. NBCN was a "private network" hosted on The Source.

PCE was also among the first software companies to offer product support and upgrades online via the Engineers WorkBench Network (EWBNet). This network was accessed via the Ziff-Davis online service called BIX (The Byte Information Exchange). In addition PCE marketed and sold expert systems shells using off the shelf database products.

Mr. Batie's experience also includes stints as technician and engineer at TRW and Hughes Aircraft Co, service as an elementary school teacher in South Central Los Angeles, and employment as an Assistant Professor of Education at California State University Los Angeles in the Charter College of Education and as a Lecturer in the CSLA School of Engineering.

Mr. Batie holds a B.S. in Physics and an M.A. in Education both conferred by California State University at Los Angeles, and California State Teaching Credentials in Adult Education, Vocational Education and Elementary Education. At present in addition to his duties as CEO of SuccessNet Michael is completing his dissertation for the Ph.D. in Education at the University of California at Riverside with an emphasis on Organizational Theory.

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